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Lunderskov Stålindustri, LSI
Lunderskov Stålindustri, our technology - LSI
Production facility - Lunderskov stålindustri

About us

With more than 8000 m2 of space at our production facility we are indeed capable of taking on any project. Add to this that our cranes reaches a vertical range of 10 meters and handles components with a weight up to 140 tonnes meaning LSI will solve even the most severe and complex challenges to meet the demand of our customers.
To reach this ability we are in need of only the highest skilled employees. We consider our staff the absolute best in our field of work which they constantly prove in diverse tasks that often require an innovative mindset to solve. As such we are highly specialized in solving complicated issues in welding which enable us to deliver tailor made solutions to our customers.

Our production facility has been built from a philosophy that our customer’s time is valuable and therefore must benefit from our comprehensive knowledge. Thus at LSI we have specialized in building the entire component at our site which means less interruptions to our customer’s production because all of the fitting has been completed before delivery. We have taken this into consideration because we know that this is especially important in the line of business where several specific precautions must be taken to ensure that hygiene and sanitary requirements are fulfilled.

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