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Lunderskov Stålindustri, LSI

The history of LSI

More than 40 years of experience. That is the legacy of LSI.

In 1972 we started as a small family owned business, focusing on steel constructions for the local industry.

As we gained experience our range of services grew along and our expertise soon included the know-how and facilities to start exploring the demand needed in the process industry.

In 1981 the brewery in Fredericia was in need of large stainless steel components in their production facilities. They turned to LSI which marked our first small take into the food processing industry as well as a brand new chapter in the company’s history.

Since the end of the 1980’s our main focus of business has been components for the food industry, making our expertise and knowledge very comprehensive.

LSI today

At LSI we have always been looking and working forwards. If we stand still we might as well stop entirely.

However, we know that the main reason why we have gained more than 40 years of experience is the acknowledgement that we are standing on the shoulders of our legacy. This means we keep working forward, but we never forget.

At LSI we consider ourselves as the best supplier of process equipment needed in the food and chemical industry. To stay the best we are aware that we constantly need to challenge our own persuation of our company. This is why we dare to look ahead. E.g. our current production facilities which we started building i 2008 at the brink of the financial crisis, as we believe that the best way to face the fact is investing in the future. Today we posses a highly developed and modern production facility to meet both the requirements from our customers and to ourselves.

Thus, as a customer at LSI you are guaranteed a close dialogue  which ensures, that every demand and requirements to suit the perfect solution can be delivered.

Lunderskov Stålindustri, LSI
Lunderskov stålindustri
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